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i dont know su

Hm summer is my beat.  It's agreeing with me quite nicely.  To go back, this year was probally one of the best years of my life. College has really brought me so many things. I miss it alot.  I really feel sorry for people who dont get to expereience college.  But summer really hasnt been bad for me so far.  Granted its only been a week and i havent really done anything, its been relaxing.  Ive been re-connecting with lots of old friends this summer.   Last night just hung with some of the girls and drank some wine. Fri went to boston partied with some friends.  Just been chillen otherwise.  I hope me and jacqui are able to become friends again, i feel like we have faded a lot.  But my friends who are in college are glorious.  Its like no time has passed between us.    My intership situation is really stressing me out, i called last monday and still no work back from them.  I dont really understand why they havent responded to my Three messages.  But im hoping everything will work out.  Anyways, i really need to start planning my trip to jersey and NYC to visit school friends.  Im thinking the weekend after the july 4th to go to jersey, anyone want to come?  Anyone way i feel like i left my freshman year at the perfect time.  If it was 2 weeks ago i would have never wanted to leave.  I had a boy, i had no work, i had fun.  But the last couple weeks were stressful with the whole finals thing.  Me and tom Stopped speaking which was probally for the better.  Weather was too nice to be inside studying.  And i missed my dog severely.  Oh and also im going to get a Mass Id that says im 21, but its not a liscencse so hopefully it will still work. Hopefuly will not be a waste of 70bucks. But anyways life is good, and im not complaining about anything.  I really want to just hang out with more people i havent seen in a while, nothing like chillen opening a beer and talking about the good old days :).  

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