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Hm.   So much has changed since i have last written in here.  I worked at the Liberty this summer.  It was a wonderful experience.  I never would have expected to be as successful and make the impression I did.  It has given hope in my future endeavers as a business person.  My favorite memory from the Liberyt by far was the opening day pep rally.  I had felt a job complete and couldnt have been more overjoyed with the final product.  But i did miss miss youth.  I felt as though i was in my thirties already.  
      This year at school so far has been nothing but lovely.  Where I live is such a nicer enviroment than last year.  I feel as though I can be myself and people will accept me here and i do not need to put on any type of act.   For the first time in my life aside from my ongoing problem with weight, I feel comfortable in my own skin.  I can feel myself changing and trying to become a "better" person.  Perhaps better is not the correct word, maybe happier.  This summer did a number on my confidence in nothing but positive ways.  I was not expecting that at all.  School is going to be extremely challeneging and I can feel myself growing apart from people I still cannot let go of.  But that is life.  College is about finding who you are and I never thought like that last year, but this year I am putting in such an effort to grow and change for the better.  I just hope everyone around me will be willing to accept who I am trying to become.  
      Overall, I am very happy with that way things are going so far (knock on wood).   My hopes for sophmore year is that i venture on some trips.  I already have a few in mind, canada, nyc, jamaica, hopefully others, but money is tight still despite my tireless hours of working this summer.  Anywho, I should probally get back to history.  Nothing like reading about the new deal. 

See ya


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